Our people are thinkers, creators, and storytellers.

shark&minnow is a strategy and design consultancy that makes the complex simple. The firm is owned by husband & wife duo, Chief Executive Officer Hallie Bram Kogelschatz and Chief Strategy Officer Eric Kogelschatz. Together they lead the firm with Director of Design, Brian Andrew Jasinski. The executive leadership team for shark&minnow are friends and colleagues that are leaders in their individual disciplines.

Each of our clients work directly with one or more members of our executive leadership team. This reflects our conviction that great work cannot happen without passion, intelligence and commitment.

Hallie Bram Kogelschatz Profile Image

Hallie Bram Kogelschatz

Chief Executive Officer

Eric Kogelschatz Profile Image

Eric Kogelschatz

Chief Strategy Officer

Brian Andrew Jasinski Profile Image

Brian Andrew Jasinski

Director of Design