We met on the job while working at Modernista! - an ad agency in
Boston, MA.  While working late one Friday night we started making
polite chit-chat and came to learn that urban revitalization in rustbelt cities was something that both of us care about deeply.  It's exciting to think that many of the things we spoke about in that initial conversation as hopes and dreams have now come true. We live in the City of Cleveland where we work tirelessly to promote the area and bring people together for positive change. When we have free time (ha!) we like to cook together (Eric's knife skills are developing quite nicely), explore the city on bike (does it still count as a "workout" if there is ice cream involved?), or just hang out with friends (some human, some feline). We're best friends - we just can't wait to tie the knot in August!



The Engagement - Saturday, March 6, 2010

This is the story of Hallie Bram and Eric Kogelschatz's engagement. in a few days, Hallie and Eric were going to celebrate their 2-year anniversary. But what Hallie didn't know was that Eric was going to propose. So Eric told Hallie that they were going to create the real Cleveland tourism video in response to the "hastily made cleveland video."

Eric wrote scripts for each of their favorite places in Cleveland and made Hallie read the script at each destination. They had pages and pages of cleveland landmarks on their list, but when they reached the Capitol Theatre in the Gordon Square Arts District, Hallie was going to read a special script:

"The renovated Capitol Theatre is a state-of-the-art all-digital cinema located in the heart of the Gordon Square Arts District and features the best hollywood and independent films. The Capitol Theatre also hosted Cleveland's first TEDx event, TEDxCLE organized by Hallie Bram and Eric Kogelschatz. The Capitol Theatre is also where Hallie and Eric were engaged."

After this, Eric got down on one knee and said:

"Hallie, I love you with my whole heart and will forever. We will share our love with our friends, family and each other for eternity. My love, will you marry me?"


Hallie's grandmother, Katie Frieder, gave Hallie a diamond that was given to Katie by her husband, Hallie's grandfather, the beloved Merle Frieder, to have in her ring.

Then Hallie and Eric walked out of the main theatre and Hallie's parents, Mark and Sally Bram, and Eric's parents, Bill and Mary Kogelschatz, were waiting to celebrate. Later that afternoon, Hallie and Eric picked out the setting. in the meantime, while the ring is being sized, Eric gave hallie a cherry ring pop! It was a beautiful day and will be a beautiful life.